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Host a Perfume Party

The following information attempts to answer any questions you may have about the different perfume parties Fusion Perfumery offers and about being a host. Fusion Perfumery offers three types of parties, Prepaid Perfume Party, the A La Carte Perfume Party, and the Couple's Perfume Party.

A Prepaid Perfume Party is no hassle, no pressure sale party.  This party style is ideal for your guest, because they want feel pressured to buy anything. You choose the a prepaid perfume package, pay for the package, provide the location, invite your friends and family, supply refreshments, and I will take care of the rest. I will set up a sample display of over 100 essences, and your guest will choose their scents to be custom blended. I will then blend the perfume, bottle it for your guest to take home. Fusion Perfumery currently offer 3 prepaid parties.

  • Silver Perfume Party Package is $200 and includes 10 roll on 1/3 oz perfume glass bottles ($15 per each additional person)
  • Gold Perfume Party Package is $250 and it includes 10 roll on ½ oz perfume glass bottles ($20 per each additional person)
  • Platinum Perfume Party Package $300 and it includes 10 glass 1 oz perfume spray bottles ($25 per each additional person)

A La Carte Perfume Party is a pay as you go party. This party style is great for the host that does not want to be responsible for paying for the entire party on his or her own. You provide the location, invite your friends and family, supply refreshments, and I will take care of the rest. I will set up a sample display of 100 essences to choose from and various sizes of perfume bottles. (see bottle sizes and prices below) Then your guest will choose their perfume bottle and the scents to be custom blended. Your guest will be responsible for paying for their own signature perfume. The host will be responsible for the $50 hosting fee/deposit. The host will receive a hostess gift, the chance to make his or her owns signature 2 oz perfume spray the largest perfume that we offer.
  • 10 ml roll on glass bottle $15
  • 1/2 oz glass roll on bottle $20
  • 1oz glass eau de parfum spray bottle $25
  • 2oz glass eau de parfume spray bottle $35

Couple's Perfume Party(Just for 2) Spend the evening as a couple designing two of your very own custom fragrances. The perfumer will guide you through the process of choosing the best aroma notes of which you will have over 100 essences to choose from to make up your perfume form. After designing your signature scent you will have the opportunity to name it and make it your own.  

  • Couples's Perfume Party Package is $160 and it includes a 2 hours perfume blending session, two 2 oz glass parfume spray bottles and 2 purse size roll-on bottles

Silver Perfume Party Package

Party Cost $200 

Includes 10 roll on 1/3 oz perfume oil glass bottles($15 per each additional person)

Gold Perfume Party Package

Party Cost $250 

Includes 10 roll on ½ oz perfume oil glass bottles($20 per each additional person)

Platinum Perfume Party Package


Includes 10 glass 1 oz perfume spray bottles ($25 per each additional person)

HOW TO BOOK YOUR PARTY: To book Fusion Perfumery for your special event click Book It or CONTACT. Supply your name, email address, phone number, party location address, date and time of the event, number of guest and pay the $50 deposit. A two week advance notice and a $50 deposit is required in order to guarantee your perfume party booking and to reserve your event date and time. Click here to check my CALENDAR for availability.

PAYMENT:  Prepaid Perfume Parties remaining payment is due the day of or before the schedule start time of your party. Payments for A La Cart parties are due before each custom blending order.  I accept payment in cash and credit only (PAY PAL, Pay Anywhere, and SQUARE).  Sorry, no checks!

CONFIRMATIONS:  As soon as you have booked your party and paid your $50 deposit, I will email you a confirmation. I will call you the day before your party and confirm directions and your head count.

STARTING TIMES AND HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR PARTY:  Week night perfume parties typically start at 7pm, and week night parties are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Weekend perfume parties can be held between 10 am and 10 pm.  The lasted start time that can be booked is 8 pm. Although the time you book is the true start time of the party, I ask that you tell your guests to arrive 15 minutes prior.  This will help ensure that your guests arrive as close to the start time as possible.  I will arrive 45 minutes to and 1 hour prior to the party to set up.  

PARTY SIZE:  There is no set limit to the number of people attending a perfume party.  The charge for a standard perfume party is based on the number of bottles of perfume you would like to purchase.  Keep in mind that a standard Perfume Party generally lasts about 2 hours (for 10 people), depending on the number of guests.        

WHAT I’ll  BRING:  I will bring the perfume bar and wide variety of aroma notes and everything required to create a signature perfume.

WHAT YOU NEED TO PROVIDE:  You provide the location, your friends, family, refreshments and reserve an area for displaying the perfume bar. The area should have good air circulation. 


ALLERGIESThe perfume creation process has been designed to keep the wafting of scents to a minimum (there is no “spraying”), so the aroma notes are in dropper bottles. The ingredients used in Fusion Perfumes are of cosmetic grade, which means they are suitable for the general population.  As with any cosmetic, it is possible for someone to have an allergic reaction to the ingredients.  If you or your guests have known allergies to any of the scents in my sent selection, or are prone to allergic reactions, please take necessary precautions to minimize the risk of a reaction.  I am not responsible for allergic reactions that guests may have to the fragrance and essentail oils.  In the case of a party where the guests are minors, I will ask the host of the party to sign a Disclaimer acknowledging that they are aware of the potential risk.  NOTE:  I ask that the host make sure the parents of minor guests are aware of the nature of the party, so that they may take any necessary precautions in regards to their child.  As explained, the perfume-making process was designed to keep the wafting of scents to a minimum.

PARTY DURATION:  A standard Perfume Party typically lasts about 2 hours (depending on the size of the party, when your guests arrive, and how long it takes them to choose their oils.  Please plan to start the party PROMPTLY at the scheduled time and expect the party to wrap up as close to the 2-hour time frame.  To this end, I suggest that your invites have a start time of 30 minutes PRIOR to the actual scheduled start time of your party. 

THE NIGHT/DAY OF THE PARTY:  I will arrive 1 hour before the party is scheduled to set up the perfume bar.  Once a majority of guests are in attendance, I will give an introduction to creating a Signature Perfume.  Each guest will receive a fragrance formula form that guides them through the simple perfume design process.  After the forms are completed, I will sit with each guest individually and blend their Signature Perfume to their specification.  The guest will take the Signature Perfume home with them that day.  I will expect payment from each guest at that time, unless the host is paying for the party; in which case, payment is due before the start of the party.   

PARTY LOCATION/LONG DISTANCE PARTIES:    If the party location is more than 50 miles round trip from Atlanta, GA, a travel charge of $.80 per additional round-trip mile will be required, plus any tolls and parking fees. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Notification of cancellation must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to the booked party date in order to receive a 50% refund of deposit.  Refunds for cancellations with less than 1 week notice will be at the discretion of Nina Settle and may include application of the deposit to a future party date.  

RETURN/REFUND POLICY: Sorry, at this time I do not except returns on custom blended perfumes. Nor can I refund money for custom blend perfumes. I look forward to making your event a fun experience for you and your guests!  If you have questions, please contact me by email:  fusionperfumery@gmail.com

Last Updated April 2013 

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