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Amber Essential Oil 

Amyris Essential Oil


Bamboo Teak Accord


Benzoin Essential Oil

Black Musk

Brown Sugar


Cedarwood Essential Oil

China Rain


Cypress Essential Oil

Dragon's Blood


Floral Aldehyde Accord

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense & Myrrh Accord

French Vanilla

Green Amber




Nag champa


Ocean Mist

Oriental Accord

Patchouli Essential Oil

Peru Balsam Essential Oil


Rosewood Essential Oil


Tea Accord

Tea, Black

Tea, Green

Tea, White



Tonka Bean


Vanilla Amber Accord


Wood Accord

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil


Basil Essential Oil

Birds of Paradise 




Cherry Blossom



















Lemon Verbena

Lemongrass Essential Oil


Lily of the Valley

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil





Palmarosa Essential Oil

Peach Blossom


Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil


Red Currant






Acai Berry





Bay Rum

Bergamot Essential Oil

Black Pepper

Blood Orange Essential Oil 









Fress Cut Grass



Green Apple



Lavender Essential










Petitgrain Essential Oil




Rosemary Essential Oil






Acai Berry- This scent opens with crisp, rain-kissed tropical forest notes and tart Amazon berries followed by heart notes of green mango, grapefruit, jasmine and fresh berry notes.(TOP NOTE)

Almond- Strong, sweet nutty scent of sweet almonds, sometimes confused with scent of cherry (TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Amber Essential Oil- this scent is a mainstay of perfumery, adding a warm, sweet, woody note to blends. Ambers is a warm, sensual and very calming. Rich and full-bodied yet subtle, it is a mysterious and haunting fragrance that is wonderful alone or can be built upon. (BASE NOTE)

Amyris Essential Oil- Its aroma is sweet and woody, and is used as a scent fixative in perfumes and in soaps(BASE NOTE)

Apple-The scent of freshly sliced juicy apples. (TOP NOTE) 

Apricot-  Delicious blends of ripe, juicy apricot nectar jovially trickle down the soft, textured skin of this irresistibly sweet indulgence from nature(TOP NOTE) 

Bamboo- A clean, green, fresh, woodsy scent with hints of citrus (BASE/MIDDLE NOTE)

Bamboo Teak luxurious aroma with hints of sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, floral and green fruit notes (BASE NOTE)

Banana- The creamy, smooth scent of sweet bananas with a hint of sweet vanilla (TOP NOTE)

Basil Essential Oil- has a sweet-spicy, fresh aroma with a faint balsamic woody undertone.

Bayberry- Invigorating and stimulating, this scent invokes memories of sleigh bells, yet a delight to the senses year-round. Sweet succulent raspberry top notes mingle with an alluring jasmine. Middle notes of spicy-floral carnation, and warming cinnamon. Woods, powder and delicious vanilla notes resonate at the base of the fragrance (BASE NOTE)

Benzion Essential Oil-  has a sweet, warm and vanilla-like aroma widely used as a fixative in perfumes but has also been used medicinally for respiratory ailments, and skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis(BASE NOTE)

Bergamot Essential Oil- A refreshing, sweet citrus blend with spicy floral and herbal undertones. Smells similar to grapefruit (TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Birds of Paradise- A fantasy scent to compliment the exquisite beauty of the Bird of Paradise flower found in tropical climates. A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, juicy pomegranates, creamy vanilla and coconut milk with hints of rose petals and soft jasmine (MIDDLE NOTE)

Black Musk- A pungent and masculine musK(BASE NOTE)

Black Pepper-An elusive blend of spices with a platform of woods and musk. This scent is wonderful alone or blended to add exotic appeal.(TOP NOTE)

Blood Orange Essential Oil- has a warm, fresh citrus scent, radiant, fruity and tangy(TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Blueberry- A sweet juicy berry with a touch of tartness (TOP NOTE)

Bluebonnet- This delightful fragrance starts with a sweet, fruity and green top then relaxes into a deep jasmine and rosy floral heart, ending in soft woods and a dry tea note. (TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Birds of Paradise- A fantasy scent to compliment the exquisite beauty of the Bird of Paradise flower found in tropical climates. A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, juicy pomegranates, creamy vanilla and coconut milk with hints of rose petals and soft jasmine (MIDDLE NOTE)

Bonsai-The very essence of fresh and clean, this complex fragrance is ultimately unisex. It has a decidedly crisp air about it with notes of citrus, woods and a kiss of floral, making it haunting, relaxing and refreshing all at the same time(TOP NOT)

Brown Sugar- The smooth warm aroma of brown sugar with a touch of maple syrup. This scent is perfect for sweetening up blends without the intense discoloration a vanilla fragrance would cause. (TOP/MIDDLE/BASE NOTE)

Cantaloupe- The refreshing aroma of fresh ripened cantaloupe slices, with base notes of fresh greenery.(TOP NOTE)

Carnation- soft, spicy, warm fragrance of a colorful bouquet of pink, yellow and white carnations(MIDDLE NOTE)

Cashmere- Very masculine scent. A lovely blend of musk, floral, myrrh, lavender, jasmine, lemon, powder, patchouli and vanilla. (Limited Edition)

Cedarwood Essential Oil- The warm, earthy scent of cedar (BASE NOTE)

Chamomile- The wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of fresh, green herbs. It’s a warm, sweet, soothing scent known for its calming and relaxing effects  (TOP NOTE)

Champaka- A unique aroma that combines the floral notes of jasmine, lavender, lilac and fresh greenery with the earthy notes of patchouli and sandalwood  (MIDDLE NOTE)

Cherry- Strong cherry scent like that of a cherry Life Saver (TOP NOTE)

Cherry Blossom- Sweet cherry dances with a delightful floral bouquet. Top notes of ozone, strawberry and clementine mingle with cherry, gardenia, jasmine and ylang at the heart of the fragrance. A light lingering musk and vanilla, with a hint of sage, at the base(MIDDLE NOTE)

Chocolate- A full-bodied rich milk chocolate scent (MIDDLE/BASE NOTE)

Cinnamon- A spicy cinnamon scent (MIDDLE NOTE)

Clove- Fresh ground clove buds. Very strong (MIDDLE NOTE)  

Coconut- A true coconut, not over sweet (TOP NOTE)

Coffee- Smells just like a pot of fresh brewed black coffee(MIDDEL/BASE NOTE)

Cucumber- Clean crisp slices of cucumber heaven. Light notes of aloe embrace this green garden delight (TOP NOTE)

Cypress Essential Oil- has a spicy, herbaceous, slightly woody evergreen aroma. It is fresh and clean(MIDDLE/BASE NOTE)

Dogwood- A fresh floral, smells exactly like its namesake bloom. Tender sweet floral notes of violet, jasmine and plumeria blend with musk and sandalwood undertones, with just a hint of a powdery note (MIDDLE NOTE)

Eucalyptus- A medicinal type scent known to aid with sinus relief. GREAT MIXED WITH LAVENDER, MINT AND GREEN TEA(TOP NOTE)

Fig- This is a fruity, green, sweet herbal scent(TOP NOTE)

Firewood- Fresh burning firewood with smoke, great to blend with and to add to overly sweet blends to add depth. (BASE NOTE)

Floral Aldehyde Accord- classy, bright, yet still warm floral note(BASE NOTE)

Frangipani- The Hawaiian floral - a lush sweet tropical flower. This is a strong, clean floral that is unique and loved by many(TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Frankincense Essential OIl- has a rich woody, earthy scent with a deeply mysterious nuance(BASE NOTE)

Frankincense & Myrrh- This sweet, sensual blend is an exotic combination of Moroccan rose, Egyptian sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla, East Indian patchouli, a bouquet of cedar and underlined by Italian orange, Spanish cistus and a sweet musky background. This is more of a sweet frankincense and myrrh blend, rather than a smoky traditional frankincense and myrrh blend (MIDDLE/BASE NOTE)

Freesia- A super soft floral with a fresh twist not found in other floral scents. Almost powdery scent. Non-floral lovers love this scent (TOP NOTE)

French Vanilla- Vanilla beans and tonka beans with a touch of butter and nuts (MIDDLE/BASE NOTE)

Fresh Cut Grass- The wonderful fresh aroma of freshly cut green grass (TOP NOTE)

Gardenia- A gorgeous fusion of jasmine and orange blossom gives way to herbal, leafy green undertones; creating a clean, delicate, lingering sweetness. (TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

*Geisha- Fusion Perfumery's Geisha is a soft sensual floral with hints of citrus, vanilla, amber on a woodsy base. 

Geranium- Flowery, sweet, soft with green notes.(MIDDLE NOTE)

Ginger- Warm, spicy, woody notes of fresh cute ginger (MIDDLE NOTE)

Grapefruit- Fresh squeezed grapefruit, very strong and citrusy (MIDDLE NOTE)

Green Amber- is fresh, woodsy, green and sexy(BASE NOTE)

Green Apple-Tart, fresh and crisp green apple scent.(TOP NOTE)

Green Tea- A smooth fragrance that evokes the warm, herbal qualities of freshly-brewed green tea with a hint of lemon(MIDDLE NOTE)

Hazelnut-  This sweet, rich Italian nut is wonderful on it's own or blended with coffee, vanilla, cinnamon and more!(MIDDLE/BASE NOTE)

Honey- This smells like creamy sweet honey(TOP NOTE)

Honeysuckle- Honey sweet lite floral that is perfect for you rose lovers. Try combining with a little lemon for a unique and wonderful blend (TOP NOTE)

Hyacinth- fresh, white, clean, intense floral and the quintessential scent of spring(MIDDLE NOTE)

Hydrangea- A beautiful floral composition - completely balanced with fresh ozone, hydrangea, muguet and hints of jasmine. The middle notes are hydrangea, rose, tuba rose, hints of clove leaf and peach. The bottom notes consist of violet, powder and light musk notes(TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Jasmine-  An alluring and sensual floral. The exotic aroma of jasmine helps evoke a romantic mood and is also known to be a stress reliever. Jasmine is delicate, sweet and flowery

Kiwi-  Sweet fruity notes enhanced by a green leafy undertone, smells better than the real fruit(TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Kudzu-Kudzu is a plant which is very popular in Japan. The plant is used for erosion control, and its ability to enrich soil with essential nutrients. Kudzu has a unique aroma, described as sweetened grapes with fresh greenery notes and floral undertones. (TOP/MIDDLE NOTES)

Kumquat- Sweet fruity citrus(TOP NOTE)

Lavender Essential Oil- A clean, relaxing, but a strong masculine floral/herbal scent. (TOP NOTE)

Leather- A strong scent of soft supple leather with a touch of musky softness (BASE NOTE)

Lemon- Sweet, sunny and tart bursting with citrusy zing (TOP NOTE)

Lemongrass-A slightly green citrus bouquet with lemon and orange notes(TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Lilac- A delightful spring fresh lilac with green floral top notes, a spicy floral middle and a warm herbaceous base. Like stepping off your porch on a May morning into the heady aroma of your lilac hedge(TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Lily of the Valley- A delicate white and green floral with very fresh sweet green floral scent (TOP NOTE)

Lime- Fresh, sweet citrus with tart, sour lime(TOP NOTE)

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil- has a crisp, citrus smell. It has been compared to lemongrass and lemon verbena. It is considered sweeter and softer than lemongrass, but very strong. (MIDDLE NOTE)

Lotus- The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity and fertility. Lotus flowers are water-fresh, clean and slightly powdery in nature. Not too sweet, absolutely perfect! Even people who do not like florals will love this aroma!(MIDDLE NOTE)

Magnolia- The fragrant flowers of the magnolia tree open in Spring before the leaves even show. This magnolia is just like the flowers of the tree, pretty and sweet (MIDDLE NOTE) 

Mango - A juicy combination of tangy and sweet, ripe fruit(TOP NOTE)

Melon-  A great fragrance that smells just like honeydew melon. A light, sweet melon aroma(TOP NOTE)

Mulberry- Strong, dark, full-bodied berry scent that is great for Fall or all year round(MIDDLE NOTE)

Muscadine- A Strong fruity grape scent with a hint of musk (TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Musk- Sweet, warm, woody, powdery scent (BASE NOTE)

Nag champa - The smell of incense. True Indian sandalwood capped off with notes of hay and patchouli  (MIDDLE/BASE NOTE) 

Neroli- smells of orange blossoms with a fresh clean green note with hints of sweet citrus (MIDDLE NOTE)

Oakmoss- FRESH CLEAN green floral with hints of sweet musk (MIDDLE NOTE)

Orange- A wonderful citrus fragrance that smells like fresh squeezed oranges (TOP NOTE)

Oriental Accord- The starting point for exotic oriental perfumes. this accord blends well with the addition of fruit and jasmine notes.(BASE NOTE)

Palmarosa Essential Oil-  has a sweet, floral fragrance with a hint of rose.(MIDDLE NOTE)

Patchouli Essential Oil- This is a rich, deep, dark patchouli fragrance with underlying sweet notes of golden amber(BASE NOTE)

Peach- smells like a fresh cut peach. Juicy green sweet mouth watery scent (TOP NOTE)

Pear- The wonderful aroma of a ripened pear, with cool base notes of fresh greenery(TOP NOTE)

Pear Fantasy- A decadent blend of sweet ripe pears, cool melons, and crisp apples(SOLID PERFUME)

Peppermint-  Refreshing! Strong minty notes with herbaceous and fresh camphoraceous undertones.(TOP NOTE)

Peru Balsam Essential Oil- has a vanilla like scent, blends well with spicy, floral, Oriental and balsamic scented oils(BASE NOTE) 

Petitgrain Essential Oil- smells like orange blossoms with a bitter, floral, citrus and herbaceous undertone.(TOP NOTE)

Pine-has a crisp, fresh, sweet, forest like aroma(TOP NOTE)

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil- has a fresh, sweet citrus smell that is very characteristic of the fruit(MIDDLE NOTE)

Plumeria- The traditional lei flower of Hawaii. A perfect combination of floral, fruit and spice to honor the Hawaiian culture. Soft and subtle fruity floral (Top/Middle Note)

Pomegranate- Unique sweet and lightly tart scent of a pomegranate fruit (TOP NOTE)

Pineapple- Slices of fresh, ripe pineapple (TOP NOTE)

Rain- A blend of rose and lily of the valley on a strong musk background. Nice clean rain scent(MIDDLE/BASE NOTE)

Raspberry- This succulent scent has a fleeting top note of citrus; quickly replaced with the full-bodied richness of a sun-ripened raspberry. (TOP NOTE)

Red Currant- This crisp and tart fragrance begins with top notes of black and red currants, cassis and strawberries; followed by a sweet deep floral rose; with base notes of oakmoss and musk. (MIDDLE NOTE)

Rose- Fresh floral scent will make you think you are in a flower shop with fresh-cut roses (MIDDLE NOTE)

Rosemary Essential Oil-A cool, crisp herbal having camphoraceous eucalyptus notes rounded out with coriander and rosemary(TOP NOTE)

Rosewood Essential Oil- A floral, spicy, fresh, sweet, woody scent with a camphoraceous peppery top note, a sweet nutmeg middle note and a mild woody floral dry out.(TOP NOTE)

Sage- has a spicy, sharp, and very herbaceous scent.(TOP NOTE)

Sandalwood- A rich, sweet, very fragrant yet slightly delicate oil with woodsy floral undertones(BASE NOTE)

Strawberry- sweet juicy mouth watering true strawberry aroma(TOP NOTE)

Sugar-Pure sweetness, nothing else. The wonderful aroma of pure sugar cane; sweet, homey and yummy(TOP NOTE)

Teakwood-An earthy, exotic, precious wood type, with a mild cedarwood top note, and a musky-sandalwood.(BASE NOTE)

Tobacco-When most people think of the smell of tobacco, they think of cigarette smoke or cigar tobacco. However, a real tobacco plant smells like neither of these. Our true tobacco plant fragrance is described as a fresh, citrus top with juniper berries and woodsy notes of vetiver. This wonderful scent begins with top notes of lemon, orange and verbena; followed by middle notes of juniper berry and hay; all sitting on base notes of labdanum, vetiver and tobacco. (MIDDLE/BASE NOTE) NINA’S FAVORITE

Tonka Bean- A mysterious and fragrant black nut-like seed of the tonka bean tree with a hint of vanilla(BASE NOTE)

Tuberose- A beautiful floral aroma that will stimulate your senses with its rich floral notes highlighted by delectable fruits, woods and stem green notes(MIDDLE NOTE)

Vanilla Amber- A sensual scent of creamy vanilla and warm amber mingle with soft wood notes.(BASE NOTE)

Verbena-has citrus floral notes with a slightly green base(MIDDLE NOTE)

Vetiver- An exotic fragrance, the essence of grass native to India, is known for its soothing, relaxing properties and yields an interestingly clean, nutty, grassy scent (BASE NOTE)

Violet- Smells like violets, A wonderful and whimsical sweat floral (MIDDLE NOTE)

Watermelon-fresh, fruity, watery melon aroma(TOP NOTE)

White Tea-Fresh citrus top notes of lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange with warm nuances of exotic jasmine over a base note of tea(MIDDLE NOTE)

Wisteria- A sweet slightly spicy floral blend with notes of jasmine and rose(TOP/MIDDLE NOTE)

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil- An Indonesian tree with yellow blossoms that give a narcotic, sweet floral smell similar to jasmine. A very relaxing fragrance(BASE NOTE)


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